Maniram Deewan Indian Tea Academy

Sponsored by My Tea House The Foundation for Advanced & Creative Education, Galliard Hospitality & Resorts Bangalore

Due to its growing socio-economic, cultural and commercial significance Tea is becoming a subject of intense academic rigour with substantial Body of Knowledge (BoK). Realising the need of the hour the Foundation for Advanced & Creative Education in association with MY TEA HOUSE and the Galliard Hospitality & Resorts has decided to establish a Tea academy in honour of Maniram Dewan, India’s first commercial Tea planter in Assam.

The Academy has consolidated a Body of Knowledge to impart holistic education in the field of Tea.

Maniram Dutta Barbhandari Baruah, popularly known as Maniram Dewan (17 April 1806-26 February 1858), was an Assamese nobleman in British India. He was one of the first people to establish tea gardens in Assam. A loyal ally of the British East India Company in his early years, he was hanged by the British for conspiring against them during the 1857 uprising. ( Ref: wikipedia)

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