Food Menu

All items available from 11:30 am – 11:00 pm except when indicated

Breakfast (8:00 am - 10:30 am)Click for more information
Paranthas (Aloo, Methi, Plain, Onion, Paneer, Cheese, Egg, Gobi - 2 pieces), Yoghurt, Pickle, Tea, slice of cake
With butter and choice of syrup - maple, chocolate, muffin
Toast (choice of bread), Choice of omelette (cheese, ham, mushroom, chicken sausage), Tea/ Coffee, Juice, Croissant
Toast (choice of bread), Hash Browns, Choice of egg (scrambled, fried, omelette), Sausage, Grilled Tomato, English breakfast Tea/ Earl Grey
SoupClick for more information
Cream of tomato Cream of Spinach
Cream of mushroom Minestrone
Green Pea Soup Cream of Chicken
Cream of vegetable soup
Starters Click for more information
Cheese Roll - My Tea House Special Potato Wedges
Garlic Bread French Fries
Cheese Garlic Bread Stuffed mushroom
Blanched mushroom with cocktail sauce Chicken Nuggets
Fish Hambantota Chicken Strips
SaladClick for more information
All salads served with a slice of garlic bread
MTH Special
Potato cubes circled by iceberg lettuce in thou island and cocktail dressing
Russian Salad
Cubes of potato, carrot, pineapple in a bed of lettuce lopped with peas and white dressing
Greek Salad
Diced cucumber, bell peppers. ring onion, cherry tomatoes, black olives with French dressing and Feta cheese
Waldorf Salad
Diced apple, roasted walnut. raisins, chopped celery served with white dressing and garnished with chopped parsley
MTH Special
Potato cubes circled by iceberg lettuce in thousand island and cocktail dressing
Caesar Salad
This all-time classic is served with iceberg Lettuce, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing
Macaroni Salad
Cold macaroni served with diced bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, chopped parsley and dressing of cream and mayonnaise
Italian Salad
Two types of pastas of your choice (penne, spaghetti, fettuccine or macaroni) with black olives, bell peppers, dressed with olive oil and herbs
Jungleeee Salad with garlic croutons
Shredded iceberg and fresh green lettuce with smoked chicken, gherkins and sun-dried tomatoes. Go ahead and go wild with this salad.
Sandwiches Click for more information
All sandwiches served with coleslaw and French Fries
MTH Special
Triple decker with chicken, salami and egg
Veggie Delight
Cucumber, tomato and lettuce
Spinach and Corn
Spinach and corn with mint sauce spread
Egg Sandwich
Scrambled egg and mayonnaise
Veg Club Sandwich
Double-decker with cucumber, tomato and cottage cheese
Egg Club
Double-decker sandwich with scrambled egg and mayonnaise spread
Chicken and Salami
Chicken and salami with mayonnaise spread
Chicken Club Sandwich
Double-decker with chicken and egg
Chicken and Cheese
Chicken and cheese with mayonnaise spread and optional onion and green pepper
Pizza Click for more information
Cheese, tomato and basil
Chicken n' Mushroom
Chicken sausage and mushroom
Chicken ham and pineapple
Meat Lovers
Sausage, Chicken Ham, Lamb
Burgers Click for more information
All burgers based on home-made potties served with coleslaw and French Fries
The Simple Vegetarian Burger
A burger keeping it plain and Simple
The Veg Tex-Mex
Open burger with a vegetable patty and baked kidney beans
Cottage Cheese Burger
Deep fried cottage cheese patty with slices of French cucumber and tomato
American Veg Cheese Burger
Vegetable patty with lettuce, onion and tomato
Chilly Billy
Open burger with cheese and chilli flakes
Egg Club
Double-decker sandwich with scrambled egg and mayonnaise spread
American Cheese Burger
For the hearty eater - chicken or lamb patty with onion, lettuce, tomato and cheese
Chicken and Salami
Chicken and salami with mayonnaise spread
The Tex Mex
A My Tea House special - open burger with a lamb patty and baked kidney beans
Sloppy Joe's
Get sloppy with this chicken patty-based sumptuous burger with fried egg, pieces of sausage and gravy
Pasta Click for more information
All sauces with pasta of your choice (Penne, Spaghetti, Fettuccine)
Aglio Olio
Olive oil with chopped garlic, basil, black and green olives
A southern Italian red sauce literally meaning 'whoreish sauce' with olive oil, olives, capens and garlic
White sauce with fresh vegetables - broccoli,Zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, baby corn, French beans, black pepper and herbs
A Genoese sauce based on basil, crushed garlic, pine nuts and olive oil.
Spicy, tomato-based sauce with chopped garlic and black olives
Risotto Al Funghi
Risotto with butter, parmesan cheese, garlic, chopped onion, fresh mushroom
Cannelloni pasta baked with spinach. Onion, garlic, cheese and white sauce
White sauce with mushroom, asparagus and a garnish of fresh parsley
Lasagne (Verdi / Bolognese)
Layers of red sauce, white sauce and spinach baked in lasagna pasta
Tomato-based sauce with crushed red pepper, chopped garlic and herbs
Minced lamb-based meat sauce. An all time classic.
White sauce based on eggs, chicken ham, black pepper, garlic and cheese
Mix of red and white sauce with chicken, mushrooms, almonds, butter and cream
Risotto Al Pollo
Risotto with butter, parmesan cheese, garlic,chopped onion, fresh mushroom and chicken
Main Courses Click for more information
Cottage Cheese Skewer
Cottage cheese cubes, bell peppers on skewers with red sauce served with boiled vegetables and garlic bread
Cottage Cheese Steak
Cottage cheese patty with barbeque sauce and fresh herbs served with boiled vegetables and French Fries or rice
A classic product of French cuisine, this bake of vegetables in cheese sauce
Mixed Grill
Cubes of grilled mushroom, onion and bell peppers served with cilantro-based green or brown sauce. Served with rice or garlic bread as per your choice
Classic Stroganoff
Have this all-time classic creamy sauce with mushroom and pearl onion on pasta or rice - any way you prefer it
A choice of chicken, lamb or vegetables with mushrooms in curried cream sauce topped with baked mashed potatoes
Deep-fried pan cakes stuffed with chicken or salami and cheese; Cottage cheese stuffing for the vegetarians
Skewered cubes of bell pepper, onion, tomato, mushroom, pineapple (in vegetarian) battered in barbeque sauce; Served with butter or hero rice
Bangers n' Mash
A traditional British dish served with jumbo sausages, mashed potatoes, onion gravy and peas
Good Ol' Fish and Chips
A British classic needing no description
Chicken Steak
Breast of chicken served with pepper, mushroom, barbeque or cocktail sauce
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Breaded chicken breast filled with a slice of chicken ham and cheese
Chicken Diane
Cubes of chicken, onion and bell peppers in a spicy mix of red And white sauce
Chicken Schintzel
Try this breaded chicken breast as it is or with onion gravy; Served with sautéed vegetables with sides of mashed potato Or French fries
Chicken Pot Pie
Cubes of chicken and vegetables served in white sauce along with garlic bread and puff shell
Chicken Parmigiana
Breaded chicken breast with Neapolitan sauce and parmesan cheese; Served with sauteed vegetables and a side of fries or mash, as per your choice
Mince Steak
A sumptuous steak. made with mince of meat of your choice, served with pepper or mushroom sauce. Served with sauteed vegetables and a side of fries or mash, as per your choice
Desserts Click for more information
MTH Cakes (with ice-cream) -
Chocolate/ Honey/ Strawberry/ Dates/ Walnut
Profitte Roll
Cinnamon Danish Tiramisu
Icecream - two scoops with nuts and/ or hot chocolate Eggless Cake
Strawberry Bavarois Apple Pie (with Ice-cream)
New York Cheese Cake Chocolate Marble Cake (with icecream)
Raspberry Mascarpone Cake Glass Dessert
Chocolate Mud Pie
Lite Eats Click for more information
Short-bread cookies Blueberry Muffin
Chocolate cookies Bruschetta
Samosa Fresh Cream Scones
Kachori Blueberry Scones
Veg Puff Crostini
Plain Butter Croissant Chicken Puff
Chocochip Muffin Chicken Chettinad Roll
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